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June 12, 2021 - June 27, 2021

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Our personal awareness and understanding of Down Syndrome began 28 years ago. From the moment we brought Steven home from the hospital, we committed ourselves to helping him develop skills and abilities to enjoy his life. He has had to face many challenges and he has always been supported by his family, friends and community. There has been so much to work on and a skill like reading could have easily been left behind because there were so many other things that needed to be done , for example learning to talk and walk. But learning to read has enriched his life and furthered other skills. For Steven,  reading had to be broken down into small parts, repeated at great length and taught in a totally different way than is taught at school. It had to become one of our top goals for him and has always involved a team effort. Even though he is now 28, Steven is practising his reading skills weekly with his brother using FaceTime. At this point in his life ,it is clear to us how reading has truly enriched Steven's life. He uses his reading skills daily to read recipes and cook, practise his music, access the computer and communicate with friends. His use of technology is enhanced by his reading.  Reading gives him independence and knowledge.

Our family believes that reading has enriched Steven's life and we want to help other children and adults with Down Syndrome  have the same opportunity. Both Steven and I have mobility issues as well so we are using this opportunity to inspire us to get out for our own health as well! 
  Please support our efforts to help CDSS create a literacy program.

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