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May is Lupus Awareness Month, and once again I am raising money for the Wisconsin Chapter of the Lupus Foundation of America during their 21st Annual Walk to End Lupus Now in Milwaukee.

I have been involved in this fundraiser for all of the 21 years and have seen that lupus knowledge, research, and treatments have come a long way since it first started.  This is in large part because of the LFA, WI Chapter and its valuable supporters (YOU)!

Why do you get this fundraiser EVERY YEAR???  Because there is NO CURE.

29 years ago in October (I think) I was diagnosed with lupus.  That is 29 years of daily medication that suppresses my immune system to try to keep it under control.  29 years of incredible fatigue, pain, and numerous other symptoms including kidney disease, skin infections, pleurisy, migraines, depression, and more.

Every day for the last 29 years I have woken up with the same try to feel GOOD! 

Each day I wake up looking like someone who is disease-free, unfortunately my disease is still very active.  I have been fortunate that the medications I have been on for the last 10 years have kept my kidneys under control and have allowed me to refrain from taking prednisone on a daily basis.  This medication is called Mycophenolic Acid (also known as Myfortic or CellCept).   Mycophenolic acid is an immunosuppressant used to prevent organ transplant rejections.  I was unable to be on this medication while having children as it is associated with an increased risk of first-trimester pregnancy loss and congenital malformations, however I was on numerous other medications while pregnant.

I will continue to fundraise for this cause for as many years as I can or until a cure is found...not only for myself, but for the MILLIONS of other lupus warriors that wake up every day with the same goal of trying to feel just a little bit better.

Thank you for reading, and please consider donating (any amount is helpful).  The funds raised at this event allow us to continue supporting lupus research, and providing education, advocacy, and resources to lupus warriors like myself.




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  • Abbott Laboratories - EGC June 2023 $150.00
  • Pieper Electric May 2023 $210.00
  • Jennifer Weichmann Wish we could have been at the walk!! Love you!! May 2023 $105.00
  • Facebook Donor May 2023 $100.00
  • Lisa and Jason Podgorski May 2023 $100.00
  • Anonymous May 2023 $1,575.00
  • Anonymous May 2023 $1,575.00
  • Anonymous April 2023 $262.50
  • Acoustech Supply Inc April 2023 $250.00
  • Thomas Popalisky April 2023 $250.00

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