Outsider Art Pet Portrait

Thank you to all that donated!  We were able to reach our goal in 3 hrs!  

If you would still like to donate towards this, feel free to click the link below.  These donations will go towards the Walk For The Animals 2021 fundraiser.


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APS of Durham is a leader in building lifelong bonds between people and animals through education, community outreach and providing care for animals in need. Established in 1970, APS is the only animal shelter in Durham County, and is an open admission shelter - we turn no animal away. Over the past few years, the number of animals that have entered our doors has gone down. Even so, there is an astonishing number of animals that are neglected, mistreated and abandoned every year - in fact, we take in more than 5,000 animals annually. However, fewer are entering the shelter than in the past. The reduction in animals entering the shelter is not by accident. By providing resources and information to adopters and pet owners through safety net programs, we are taking deliberate steps to reduce the numbers of animals that are surrendered or returned to the shelter.