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It all started over a soft pretzel in Boston's South Station. That's right - I was waiting for my train, and eating a snack, when I happened to look up. I saw a giant sign with 3 simple words that changed my perspective forever: Don't. Walk. By. Growing up in the Boston area, and working in urban public education, I knew that homelessness and housing insecurity were issues - solvable issues - that affected our community. But now, I knew, I couldn't just "walk by" anymore. I had to do something.

Ever since that day, I became extremely passionate about raising funds for The Winter Walk. The Winter Walk doesn't just raise needed funds for local organizations working to end homelessness in our lifetime. It also directly challenges the stigma that individuals and families experiencing homeless can face. With housed and unhoused people walking side by side around Copley Square and the Boston Common, there's no better way to show your solidarity.

In 2020, we raised $600 for the Winter Walk.

In 2021, we raised over $1,000 for the Winter Walk.

This year, I'm stepping up the goal: $2,000 for the Winter Walk!

I believe we can do it! All funds raised through my page will support my favorite organization, St. Francis House, which serves over 6,000 guests per year. St. Francis House not only provides essential resources like food, clothing, and career support, but also offers a sense of dignity and community. This winter, I deepened my committment to St. Francis House by joining their Young Professionals Society, an amazing group that organizes events and advocates on behalf of St. Francis House and their initiatives, including the Winter Walk. If we reach $10,000 of donations toward St. Francis House, that amount will be matched. Incredible!

I'm participating in the 2022 Winter Walk becasue I believe ending homelessness is within our reach. Please learn more about the Winter Walk at and consider making a donation to my efforts. We're also looking for more people to join our team and walk with us this year! Thank you SO MUCH in advance!





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