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About us

About Hospicare

Hospicare & Palliative Care Services, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit hospice provider established in 1983, serves the people of Cortland and Tompkins counties. Every year, Hospicare provides care to 400-600 patients and over 1,000 relatives and loved ones of patients. 

Hospicare is our service region's only provider of hospice palliative care, or "comfort care," for people facing a life-limiting illness. Hospicare helps patients live more fully and comfortably in the time that they have left. 

Hospice is also a philosophy of care that centers the patient, the patient's caregivers and loved ones, and the patient's wishes. Every Hospicare patient is given his/her/their own care team that includes a social worker, nurse, volunteer manager, the Hospicare medical director, aides, and a spiritual care coordinator. The care teams meet weekly to discuss each patient's medical care, comfort, family situation, and emotional and practical needs.

Quality indicators and ratings place Hospicare in the top tier of hospices in New York state and anywhere in America. 

Our Community Makes Us Excellent

Hospicare's annual budget is around $5.5 million. Much of that budget is covered by Medicare and other insurance and private pay. In fact, approximately 80%, ($4 million) of Hospicare's expenses are reimbursed to the agency as fees for services. 

But the remaining $1.5 million, of Hospicare's expenses are not reimbursed, because they are expenses related to free and discounted community and patient services, excellence (going above and beyond what is required by hospice regulations), the high cost of providing care in a rural setting at a small scale, and fair pay for nurses and aides. 

Women Swimmin' accounts for about 20% of Hospicare's annual revenue and a third to a half of all charitable support for the agency. This support is the source of Hospicare's excellence and longevity.

What Women Swimmin' Makes Possible

Compassionate Hospice Care
Contributions support expert, compassionate care for patients with life-limiting illness, care that centers patients, provides comfort and support for spending time with family, offers respite care so that caregivers can run errands or take a break, and care that helps patients live as fully as possible, even towards the end of life.

Education and Counseling
Contributions support caregivers in understanding how to make their home accessible; provide pillow wedges to patients to reduce the chance of bedsores; and support individuals at any stage of a serious illness through palliative care.

Programming for Adults and Children
Donations help a child participate in a workshop to create a clay memory box; support a patient who wishes to talk about advanced planning; and provide training to staff and volunteers to stay current on best practices in patient care.

Emotional Support and Peace
Contributions help Hospicare in its work to provide emotional support to patients who are struggling with complicated family dynamics; help a grieving spouse find a path forward; and provide counseling to a community group after a suicide.

The Nina K. Miller Hospice Residence
Gifts to Women Swimmin' for Hospicare play an important role in making the Hospicare Residence accessible to people of all income levels. No one is turned away for lack of ability to pay, and sliding-scale fees are funded by gifts to Hospicare. 

Grateful to Our Corporate Sponsors

Thanks to the generosity of our corporate sponsors, including this year's Signature Sponsor, Cayuga Health, 100% of Women Swimmin' funds raised are used to help care for patients and provide education and emotional and practical support for heir loved ones. 

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Hospicare is here to help and to answer your questions. Call 607-272-0212. 

Hospicare & Palliative Care Services is a registered 501(c)3 organization (Federal Tax ID: 22-2473715)