Fundraising Tips From the Pros (AKA other participants)

Fundraising Tip #1

Let your friends know about your training regimen! Women Swimmin’ for Hospicare is so inspiring because it’s NO SMALL FEAT to swim 1.2 miles across Cayuga Lake. So, we train! We do laps in the pool, lift weights, and start swimming regularly in the lake in the months and weeks leading up to the big Saturday swim. Your friends and family will be impressed to learn how you’re getting ready. And they’ll get excited about sponsoring you!

Fundraising Tip #2

Make giving fun for your friends! Kerry Barnes, veteran Women Swimmin’ for Hospicare swimmer, has a tradition every year of letting her supporters vote on which crazy-looking bathing suit she’ll have to wear for the swim. Other fun ideas: Offer incentive prizes to your 10th, 20th, or 100th donor—like a framed photo of you wearing a swim cap, little cartoons sent to them on a postcard, or chocolate. Note: Making giving fun doesn’t have to mean adding lots of extra work for yourself. You can dream up simple, amusing twists that are easy to fulfill.

Fundraising Tip #3

Thank publicly. In addition to thanking your supporters by email and in person, also consider thanking them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and whatever other social media you use regularly. It can be as simple as using the comments thread in your main fundraising post to thank each new donor individually. Your friends/followers will see what’s going on and think about sponsoring your Women Swimmin’ for Hospicare or Go the Distance campaign.

Fundraising Tip #4

Your Women Swimmin’ for Hospicare fundraising goal is SMART!

We think this is part of why Women Swimmin’ for Hospicare is so successful: It’s specific (I.e. sponsor my 1.2 miles swim!), measurable (in dollars), action-oriented (you have to ask for support to get it), realistic (most people can raise $300 or even $3,000 from friends and family in several months), and time-bound: by Saturday, August 10!

Fundraising Tip #6

Celebrate every success along the way!
Fundraising Tip #7

Have FUN thanking your supporters! 

Social Media Fundraising Toolkit

If you need any help with your fundraising, be sure to be in touch with questions. We have launched our social media campaign on Facebook and Instagram. We hope you will join us by SHARING YOUR STORY online with the hashtags #whyiswim, #toghetherwearehospicare and #womenswimminforhospicare

Spread the Word! In Facebook create a group page or message your friends. On Facebook and Instagram create a post about the swim, why you swim, and mention your fundraising efforts. Don’t forget to tag us @hospicareny!

General Post Ideas:

  • I'm participating in Women Swimmin' to raise money for Hospicare & Palliative Care Services. The funds I raise will provide medical expertise and emotional, spiritual, and practical support to patients and their families. #whyiswim #womenswimminforhospicare #togetherwearehospicare
  • Your donation to Women Swimmin' for Hospicare will help make this important end-of-life care available to anyone in Tompkins or Cortland counties who needs it--regardless of their ability to pay. #whyiswim #womenswimminforhospicare #togetherwearehospicare
  • I am training to swim 1.2 miles across Cayuga Lake to benefit Hospicare and Palliative Care Services. I swim… {why you swim}. Join me in achieving my fundraising goal of {Insert your fundraising goal here} by donating here {insert link to your fundraising page*}. #whyiswim #womenswimminforhospicare #togetherwearehospicare 
  • I’m swimming laps in a pool to benefit Hospicare and Palliative Care Services. I swim… {why you swim}. Join me in achieving my fundraising goal of {Insert your fundraising goal here} by donating here {insert link to your fundraising page*}. #whyiswim #womenswimminforhospicare #togetherwearehospicare

I'm Going the Distance for Hospicare to achieve my goal of {enter your personal goal here} and to raise money that helps support patients and families in our community. #togetherwearehospicare #gothedistanceforhospicare #womenswimminforhospicare

How to Raise $600 in 10 Days

  • Day 1 Get yourself started by making a donation on your own page $25
  • Day 2 Challenge 3 family members to each match your registration $100
  • Day 3 Ask your best friend for a $25 sponsorship $125
  • Day 4 Ask your boss for a company donation or matching gift for your registration fee $150
  • Day 5 Hang out with friends! Ask 5 local friends to sponsor you for $10 = $200
  • Day 6 Send an email from your Personal Page to 5 out-of-town friends asking for $10 = $250
  • Day 7 Hit the town! Request a $10 sponsorship from 5 local businesses you support $300
  • Day 8 Gather support at work! Ask 5 co-workers for $10 to support your swim $350
  • Day 9 Ask 5 neighbors to donate $10 to support the work of Hospicare $400
  • Day 10 Ask 10 people at your church, book club, gym, etc. for $20 each $600

YOU DID IT!Remember to thank all of your donors and keep them updated on your progress. You can send thank you emails and keep everyone up to date with blog posts, all through your Personal Page!