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To my People!! My tribe!! My friends!!  PLEASE check this out and consider a generous contribution.

I am not sure if you are aware, but I am participating in the 100 Wave Challenge again this year which is an extremely cool fundraiser that supports Boys to Men Mentoring, an organization that goes into public schools and mentors fatherless/at-risk boys. I am a mentor and I have seen firsthand what the results are, and believe me, you’d be glad that we reached these boys.  I know I feel better about putting better quality young men out on the streets.  If you have already seen my request for support, I apologize.  But this cause is so great that I am following up until all those I know and love help me support this fantastic organization.  If you are super stoked, you can join our fundraising team, raise money and come surf in the event!

If you know me, chances are you've heard my story.  Loser dad, and a couple of step dads, the last one being somewhat of a kook as well.  It is so rewarding to show these kids that there are people that actually care about them and the choices they make.  The guys that tirelessly run this organization and give there life on a small salary are complete studs.  So cool to see just how dedicated they are to giving back to our society.  I am honored, blessed and feel extremely grateful to be involved.  PLEASE, donate what you can or come surf the event and help raise a few bucks for some fatherless boys that need some direction.

 If I can make a difference in a young boy's life so that he can grow up better than the dad he was dealt, then I am going to give it a varsity effort.  I also volunteer as a mentor for Boys to Men. Seeing a scared teen sport a big bad attitude and act like he doesn’t care turn into a respectful kind, caring, and trusting kid is an incredible thing to witness over the course of a school year. We can’t reach all of them, but the ones that we do reach are going to enter the world as better men.  And don’t we all need that in our society?  

Here’s what I am going to do: I am attempting to catch 100 waves in one day and raise $20,000 for Boys to Mentoring.

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Please consider making a donation to my page and help me support these young men who are working to be the best they can be!

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More About Boys to Men


When Boys to Men Mentoring began in 1996, the devastation of fatherlessness on our community fueled their desire to support fatherless teenage boys as they transitioned into adulthood. A boy without a dad in his life is disproportionately more likely to drop out of high school, end up in prison, and commit suicide. Since then, BTM has grown to provide weekly mentorship to teenage boys from all walks of life looking for positive men empower them to be the best they can be.

Today, BTM facilitates weekly group mentoring at over 36 middle and high schools across San Diego County for over 800 teenage boys. To learn more, please visit

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My Supporters

  • R.C. Baker Foundation October 2019 $500.00
  • Matt D’Ambrosia September 2019 $100.00
  • Jeff Conroy September 2019 $52.50
  • Terry Beal September 2019 $50.00
  • Scott Meichtry September 2019 $105.00
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  • Argyros Family Foundation September 2019 $2,000.00
  • Brad Crowe God Bless the B2M staff for their tireless commitment to fatherless at risk youth. Thank you for letting me be a part of your efforts to help bring solid, respectful, and kind men into a society that drastically needs responsible male role models. June 2019 $2,000.00
  • Dene Oliver August 2019 $1,000.00
  • Keith Jones Love you Brad! So stoked on your involvement. August 2019 $1,000.00
  • John Musser II August 2019 $525.00
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