At Boys to Men Mentoring, we have been challenged like never before. 

Like millions of nonprofits across the globe, the effects of COVID-19 have severely impacted our organization. In March, we not only had to make the difficult decision to suspend our In-School and Open Community programs, but we also had to let go of over half of our staff in order to redistribute our resources towards the implementation of a web-based mentoring program. The Virtual Mentoring Program has since been launched and has allowed for our boys and mentors to stay connected on a weekly basis until we can meet in person again. 

Last year, you helped us raise more money than ever before. The record breaking 100 Wave Challenge in 2019 brought in over $420k which has allowed us to stay open during this pandemic. 

It cannot be said enough: We wouldn’t have been able to do this without you. Because of your efforts, there is still a safe space for our boys to receive the support and empowerment they deserve. 

For this year’s 100 Wave Challenge, our goal is to raise enough money to relaunch a safe version of our In-School and Open Community programs in the fall. To do this, we need your help now more than ever before.

The theme for this year’s 100 Wave Challenge is simple: Your Crew. Your Beach. Your Challenge.

Surfers will have a two month window (between September 19th and November 22nd) to catch their 100 waves. Surfers will be encouraged to create teams allowing them to fundraise, train, and surf together. Surf teams can select a beach to catch their waves, and according to how much they raise, we will show up to cheer them on. 

For our individual surfers, we encourage you to choose a day to take the challenge with a friend or two and share your experience on social media with #100wavechallenge.

We have opened registration knowing that everything will work itself out. We will find a way to bring Boys to Men back to all of our boys, and we know that we have all of you to help us do that.

We will continue to share updates with you until we can set beach dates. Until then, we welcome you to join the wave and start letting your friends and family know that the 100 Wave Challenge and Boys to Men are here to stay. Create your page, start fundraising, and let’s get this thing going.
With you, there is no challenge we can’t overcome together.





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Your 100 Wave Challenge

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