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My work with the With Hope Foundation is busier than ever. Today’s young people really need help to navigate this changing world in such difficult times. Depression has risen 83.6% and anxiety disorders have risen 95.6% since Covid began. Hard to believe I know but these are statistics from the CDC.

Throughout 2022, With Hope speakers and staff were able to work with many students in crisis through our school-based suicide prevention programs. After attending a With Hope Foundation presentation and being empowered by our message “Never Promise to Keep This Secret”, concerned students came forward to share information about a friend they knew or themselves who were contemplating suicide. We were able to partner with school administration, local officials, and parents to secure immediate safety and provide resources for support and counseling. Today, thanks to the life-saving friends, students who were in crisis are safe, no longer feel hopeless and helpless, and are progressing in counseling and making plans for their future. In 2022, 13,026 individuals were educated, equipped and empowered in suicide prevention.

Before Covid, I was a presenter for With Hope but when the suicide rate increased, we found that there was also a great need for bereavement services and I was asked to facilitate the suicide bereavement group called Friends With Hope. Friends With Hope is that caring community for people who have lost a loved one to suicide. We share our stories with each other and we walk together toward hope and healing.

To learn more about With Hope, the Amber Craig Memorial Foundation, visit their website

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