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Believe it or not, epilepsy is 1 of the MOST COMMON, diagnosed, neurological disorders & I've been dealing with it for a little over 20 years now! When I say epilepsy is 1 of the MOST COMMON disorders to be diagnosed, do you have an idea of about how many people have it not only in MN, though in the USA? Or what about worldwide? Do you give up? Well, worldwide there are approximately 65 MILLION people who live with epilepsy. 3.4 MILLION of those live throughout the entire U.S., while about 60,000 live in MN.

Since getting connected with the Epilepsy Foundation of MN(EFMN) about 6 years ago, life has changed in various, positive ways! My favorite memory I have of them is when they told me about Can Do Canines, a service dog organization that trains dogs for people who have seizures & other disabilities! Now ever since having Andi, my seizure service dog, I feel MORE independent!

Over the past 6 years, it's been fun assisting EFMN in the office, as needed. The staff & I have become close friends over the years, so if I ever need assistance, they understand & are happy to help!

Would you be willing to make a donation to help me Raise Epilepsy Awareness & support my fundraising goal, please? Your donations will help support EFMN's programs & services! Their mission is, 'We lead the fight to overcome the challenges of living with epilepsy & to accelerate therapies to stop seizures, find cures & save lives.' Their vision is, 'A world in which people with seizures realize their FULL potential.

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