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Year 2 with Epilepsy... I wished, prayed, and hoped that I wouldn't have to write this again.

Year 2 with Maggie having Epilepsy has been extremely tough. She has had an increase in the frequency of her seizures compared to the first year. Some weeks Maggie has 2-3 grand mal seizures a week with all of them having paralysis for hours after the seizure ends. Usually it is her left arm that she isn't able to move after having a seizure. Watching our 3 year old struggle to even lift that arm is extremely difficult. She would try to eat and have to try to do it one handed or play with her sisters....It is incredibly hard to watch. She always looks so confused...before the seizure she had the ability to use that arm so watching her struggle for hours after is heartbreaking. (I can't even imagine what she is thinking while this is happening) Finally the feeling comes back slowly. First she can lift it and have her gross motor skills back and then finally she gains the ability to move her fingers, grasp things and fine motor skills. It is the hardest thing to watch her go through. We pray everytime that it won't be permanent or have any lasting effects.

We have tried multiple medications this year including CBD oil (Cannabis Oil). We enrolled in the MN medical marijuana program. Recieved our license to purchase and began administering it. Mark and I had such high hopes of this working after all of the studies. Unfortunately it didn't work, after months of trying, it didn't decrease the amount of seizures that Maggie had. So just recently we had to move her to a much stronger medicine. We are just starting it but so far (2 weeks in) we are seizure free! I pray that this works and that we also get to keep the fun loving, giggly personality of Maggie. (the stronger medication comes with many more potential side effects)

We are participating in the MN Epilepsy Foundation Walk on Sept. 21st. If you wish to donate to this foundation in Maggie's name please do so below.

 Thanks everyone!

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