2022 Flutie 5k for Autism   ○   5k at Lookout Farm

Team Verge

October 16, 2022 8:30am - 10:00am

Our 5k Details

When we are running: Sunday, October 16, 2022

Where we are running: Belkin Family Lookout Farm in Natick, MA. 

About Team Verge

Expanding limits and inspiring lifelong fitness through the sport of running

Team Verge is a family friendly running club for all abilities with a focus on inclusivity and making the sport accessible for people with social, emotional, behavioral, learning, and intellectual disabilities or challenges. Open to Kids (ages 7+), Teens, Young Adults, Families.

Since 2015, Verge has been improving lives and contributing to a more inclusive society. We are expanding accessibility to the sport of running and fitness for people in the margins between “can” and “can’t”, while also bringing the community together and shaping lives in a positive way.

We offer year round programming for individuals and families including: Winter Indoor Track; Spring Outdoor Track; Summer Run Camps; Fall Outdoor Track & Cross Country. We track, trail, XC, road. We also participate as a team in various mainstream running events through the year such as road races, track meets, and cross country meets. Supplemental programs include Motor Skills Classes, Teen & Young Adult Program, and Volunteer Program.

Team Verge runners develop healthy fitness habits and a love of running, confidence, friendships, new skills, better body awareness, and learn that hard work can be fun!  We develop some kids to join their school and mainstream teams, and others come for the fun, fitness and social connection. 

As a community, we reveal our value as humans, the joy and necessity of connection, and the importance of equal challenge and support for all.

Our aim is to continue developing our programs, opportunities, and relationships in our communities that further our impact and mission of Expanding Limits and Inspiring Lifelong Fitness through the Sport of Running

We hope you will join us with your support to continue to give these kids and more the awesomeness of running and a healthier, fuller life.

Thank you!!

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