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We are Peer Teaching & Learning - participants from 11 Vermont and New Hampshire campuses and five staff members. 



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Peer Teaching & Learning is a network of 11 campuses
offering lifelong post-secondary education opportunities for
adults with disabilities. 10 campuses are in Vermont and 1
is in New Hampshire.
Collaboration is key to all our activities, mission, and
vision. We honor the voice and full participation of
campus participants as creators and producers of their
own educational experiences.
This is done by participating with and supporting adults
with disabilities as they create their own campuses of
advanced learning.

Our 5k Details

When we are running: October 17-21

Where we are running: At our Peer Teaching & Learning campuses. You can view a map here: https://www.peerteachingandlearning.org/campuses





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  • Gianessa Pirro October 2022 $25.00
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