18th Annual ASK 5K & Fun Walk   ○   Team Matt

Heather Whitehead

May 6, 2023 10:00am - 12:00pm

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How we met ASK

When Matthew was just 8 years old he was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor! We had no idea what to do, who to turn to or what the next steps would be! Matthew underwent a brain surgery to relieve the hydrocephalus caused by the tumor, followed by the first 2 rounds of chemotherapy in patient. Before we ever got to see the place eveyone called the clinic we met Denise and were told all about how wonderful everyone was at clinic and how well they were going to treat not only Matthew, but our whole family... Boy were we blown away! Of course as amazing as the staff are, we were just told our oldest child, my sweet 8 year old boy, had cancer. Insert Ms Katie... She was the most amazing human/rescource of information about childhood cancer/source of love and hugs and support! I honestly don't think we could have made it without her. Ask provided snacks, drinks, popsicles, blankets, activities, video games, gift cards for food and travel expenses and so so much love and support!


We are blessed beyond measure to be an ask family (even though some days i wish we could have joined the family through a different avenue)! The fact that Matthew is celebrating years in N.E.D. this year and ask still includes our ENTIRE FAMILY in so many fun activities and events is such a blessing! His treatment may be over on paper but there are lifelong obstacles he will face and im so thankful we have ASK here to help us along the way. Once you become an ask family you are ALWAYS an ASK family!!


Thank you ASK from the bottom of my heart, for loving, supporting and including not only my warrior but our family! We love each and every one of you so very much! 





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