18th Annual ASK 5K & Fun Walk   ○   Cece's Birthday Walk

Cecilia D'Arville

May 6, 2023 10:00am - 12:00pm


My Birthday Goal

Hi friends! For my 25th birthday this year, I want to celebrate by helping out an incredible organization in Richmond that has provided so much support to my family (and countless other's across Virginia) during one of the most challenging time in our lives.

Put mildly, childhood cancer sucks (pardon my language)! The ASK foundation does an incredible job of bringing light into the lives of children and stability into the lives of families. I had the opportunity to connect with ASK last summer as an educator during one of their camps and was overwhelmed with how remarkable their team is! I was a bit too young to fully comrehend everything that they did for my family when it was happening but am glad to say that now I do understand it! I am hoping to raise $1,000 by my 25th Birthday (May 5th) for ASK. So please, if you've ever wanted to get me a present but have been waiting because you didn't know what to get me, this is your year! Consider donating to this wonderful organization!! 





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  • Hannah Spielberg Thank you for holding this fundraiser Cece! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a very special person and sibling. Love you!!! May 2023 $52.00
  • Nick and Ginny Moles April 2023 $104.00
  • Anonymous April 2023
  • Anonymous March 2023
  • Pat & Ginny Smith March 2023
  • National Basic Sensor March 2023 $250.00
  • Nick and Ginny Moles April 2023 $104.00
  • Julia Trotter March 2023 $104.00
  • David Darville March 2023 $104.00
  • Jeanne Lovelock March 2023 $104.00