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Imagine waking each morning, during the dry season, and recognizing that you need to walk for 6 hours with a several-gallon water container seated on your head to fill a water jug from a muddy lake, that may well make you sick from contaminants.  As a young Sudanese woman living in the Nuba Mountains, that is one of your primary responsibilities. We take having clean potable water for granted. I learned that one flush of a toilet is the equivalent of the amount of water allotted per person.

When I first learned about the Nuba Water Project and its motto "Clean Water Brings Life" I recognized how essential it was to support such a cause. There are many worthy causes but how often do I have an opportunity to make such a direct contribution to a local agency formed by a couple of Sudanese refugees with the assistance of an American businessman here in Denver? These young men traveled many miles as children, known as "The Lost Boys",  to find a refugee camp in Ethiopia or Kenya and then hoped they would be selected to travel to a city in America to earn an education and a potential future. 

As educated adults, George Tuto and Ibrahim Agor were mindful of the plight of those left behind. Those who lacked clean water and so much more. They, with the help of Steve Riley, decided to initially focus on making clean water available by drilling boreholes and providing pumps to retrieve water. Additionally, Safi drops were made available to purify water from questionable sources. Currently, the Nuba Water Project has expanded its support by helping students through educational opportunities in health engineering, and community organization while continuing to make repair materials available for the water pumps.

By donating my time and resources to the "Walk For Sudan" I can imagine a better life for those who are living in the Nuba Mountains of the Sudan. 




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