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You normally hear of Preeclampsia happening during pregnancy and needing an emergency delivery. You rarely hear of it happening post delivery…

I was lucky​ enough​ to have a fairly easy and healthy pregnancy. I had a scheduled c-section since my baby was breech. My blood pressure was a bit high as they prepped me for the OR but I said- "Well I’m nervous, you’re about to cut a baby out of me." The c-section went smoothly and I delivered a healthy baby girl.

However, after delivery, my blood pressure continued to spike reaching 217/110. They tried different medications and multiple magnesium drips to ensure I didn’t have a seizure or stroke. After spending a week in the hospital and finally getting my blood pressure to go down some, we were finally able to go home with our new baby. It was a terrifying experience not knowing what could have caused this or how long it would last. I was finally able to go off blood pressure medications after 7 months but I’m still paranoid it could spike at any time given the randomness of this severe disorder. I hope my story brings awareness because there is such little information on Postpartum​ Preeclampsia.

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