2021 Leaders of Polk

Ugly Ducklin

March 23, 2021 - April 30, 2021

Team UgLy DuckLin

Team UgLy DuckLin

           Swan Jockeys Trina & Kevin Kingery are racing this year in the 2021 Swan Derby for LVIM.

    So why support Team UgLy DuckLin? Trina and Kevin have supported multiple Polk County Non Profits through the years and this year is no different. We have seen the great things that LVIM is doing for not just those in Lakeland but all of Polk County. The Services they provide and the facility they offer them from are state of the art. If you can relate to or know just one person that has been in the situations below Please help support Team Ugly Ducklin and LVIM by clicking on the DONATE NOW Button.

    Have you ever know someone starting a new business but one of their biggest concerns is Health Care? 

LVIM can help with that!

    Have an adult child starting out in a new trade job but does not get health care provided by their new employer or paid by 1099, or do you get paid this way and can not afford health insurance? 

LVIM can help with that!

   Been laid off and your the primary health care provider for the family, but your spouse is working still?

LVIM can help with that!

   Lets face it, we live in one of the poorest counties in the State and there are thousands of hard working citizens that are not making even what is considered poverty level wages. Lakeland Volunteers in Medicine is there to support them. 



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