Every Child needs a home that provides love, structure, and spiritual guidance. You can give a kid a home with married houseparents who love Jesus and are trained in trauma-informed care. Give a child the gift of a healthy family where they are a valued member so they can learn cooperation, love, and respect.

A strong family foundation for a child

Create a promising future by giving a kid the gift of a safe, supportive home. You can provide them with stability, emotional support, and the opportunity to thrive. You can build a solid foundation for their promising future with a secure and caring home.

A nurturing family environment for a kid

For a year      $4,115

For a month      $343

For a week      $79

Hygiene Essentials for a Child

Give a kid a fresh start for their better story! Provide fresh water, toiletries, medicine, cleaning and paper products, to promote personal well-being. This gift will help prevent illnesses, boost confidence, and instill healthy habits. You can empower a kid to thrive with a positive self-image by giving them a fresh start!

Hygiene essentials for a kid

For a year      $648

For a month      $54

For a week      $12

Family Recreation Activities

Foster family bonds with unique experiences. Positive time together can cultivate emotional connections, love, and support for kids, aiding their healing and overall well-being. You can help a family create positive memories, forming healthy connections that last a lifetime.

Positive family bonding experiences

For a year      $1,104

For a month      $92

For a week      $21

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You’ll help kids write a better story for their lives while
providing them with a loving home, a supportive
school environment, and helpful therapy. This holistic
approach to healing will give each kid a brighter future!


“Now I know what it's like to be in an actual family and have parents that I know love and care for me.” -Chayde, Class of 2024