Give the gift of school

Every child needs a quality education that can prepare them for a hopeful future. You can provide a fully accredited, private, k-12th grade Christian school to a kid. The school staff focuses on educating students academically, spiritually, and socially in a trauma-informed environment and integrates a Biblical worldview into all content areas. You can give a kid tools they need to write a better story for their life.

School Supplies for a child

Lay the path to success by providing school supplies and curriculum for a kid. You can give a child the tools they need to thrive in the classroom. With engaging lessons, essential supplies, and a curriculum tailored for their success, you'll be supporting their journey towards achievement. Invest in their potential today and watch them re-write their story!

School supplies and curriculum for a kid

For a year      $158

For a semester      $79

For a term      $26

School Activities that Boost creativity

Expand a kid's potential with diverse school activities and after-school clubs, including 4-Him classes. These experiences allow them to discover talents, enhance skills, and learn time management. You can help shape a well-rounded individual better prepared for success in all aspects of life.

Exciting after-school activities for a kid

For a year      $35

For a semester      $18

For a term      $6

Athletics Strengthen Mind & Body

Unleash a child's inner athlete! Provide the gift of sports at school. With teamwork and active participation, kids develop communication, cooperation, and leadership skills. Help a kid embrace the joy of sports and discover the champion within!

School sports for a kid

For a year      $125

For a Semester      $62

For a term      $21

Healing-Focused School environment

Make a lasting impact by providing a child with a safe, supportive school environment. Most children at Cookson Hills have faced challenges like trauma, abuse, or neglect, and you can help break the cycle of adversity, foster emotional and social development, and equip them for a fulfilling life. This exceptional education will lay the foundation for years of growth.

Support a child's education

For a year      $1071

For a semester      $535

For a term      $179

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You’ll help kids write a better story for their lives while
providing them with a loving home, a supportive
school environment, and helpful therapy. This holistic
approach to healing will give each kid a brighter future!


“I love going to school at Cookson Hills! It has brought out the best in me.” - Cameron Class of 2021