Every child needs a safe place to share their heart, grow from past experiences, and gain tools that help them write a better story. Kids are provided with multiple therapeutic opportunities, as well as fine arts and spiritual development experiences that aid in healing and growth.

Healing through Equine Connection

Give the gift of equine therapy to a kid. Horsemanship classes, group games, and equine-assisted therapy sessions can all contribute to unlocking emotional regulation and stress management. Interacting with horses builds trust, develops relationships, and increases self-esteem. With these experiences, kids find calmness, develop coping strategies, and increase self-awareness. You can support a kid's healing through horse connections.

Equine therapy experiences for a kid

For a year      $2,045

For a month      $170

For a week      $40

Fine arts experiences

Share the power of fine art experiences and nurture a kids artistic expression and growth! Our Band, Choir, and Art Appreciation programs provide self-expression, reduce stress, and foster emotional healing. These experiences allow kids to cope, build resilience, and find healthy outlets for their emotions. Help a kid embrace the transformative power of fine arts!

Fine arts experiences for a kid

For a year      $372

For a month      $31

For a week      $7

Spiritual Development Experiences

Through summer camps, CIY conferences, and mission trips, a child can achieve holistic growth, develop the ability to make ethical choices, and cultivate a desire to positively impact the world around them. Help a kid embark on a life-changing journey of faith!

Spiritual development experiences for a kid

For a year      $250

For a month      $21

For a week      $5

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You’ll help kids write a better story for their lives while providing them with a loving home, a supportive school environment, and helpful therapy. This holistic approach to healing will give each kid a brighter future!


Thank you for partnering with kids to create lasting change!