Thank you for joining the A-Team to help! 

This event is an important Autism awareness day as well as fundraiser for the Autism Society of Southeastern Wisconsin. 

Every penny raised through our events stays in our community to expand and enrich the supports and programs we provide.

We've put together a number of supports and incentives to make your participation even more fun!


PERSONALIZE your fundraising page! 

Your message of the importance of our mission will mean a lot to your donors! 

We’ve made it easy to share the mission and fundraise with downloadable guides, talking points and marketing tools.

We are proud of our work and your donors need to see that what they support here STAYS HERE! 

CLICK HERE to learn more about some of our program and event highlights.

CLICK HERE for the Facebook Fundraiser Tool Guide.

Fundraising Toolkit coming very soon!

We have a helpful COACHING & FUNDRAISING TIPSHEET for you to draw from.

There are marketing tools below to help make it even easier to start conversations and share all we accomplish with your help!   


ASSEW 2022 Incentive Sheets OUTLINED FINAL-01 Individual.jpg



ASSEW 2022 Incentive Sheets OUTLINED FINAL-02 Team.jpg


2021 8.5 x 11 Poster 1

5K 2022_A-Team8_HalfandElevenPosters OUTLINED WITH STARBURST-01.jpg

2021 8.5 x 11 Poster 2

5K 2022_A-Team8_HalfandElevenPosters OUTLINED WITH STARBURST-02.jpg

2021 8.5 x 11 Poster 3

5K 2022_A-Team8_HalfandElevenPosters OUTLINED WITH STARBURST-03.jpg

Fundraising Posters

Download and print one or more!
Post them wherever you can to help spread the word about the event.
They work great with the donation collection forms and jars.

2022 Save the Date 8.5 x 11 Poster

2022_A-TeamOnePageFlyer OUTLINED FINAL-01.jpg

2022 Poster 11 x 17

5K 2022_A-TeamOnePageFlyer 11 x 17 OUTLINED WITH STARBURST-01.jpg

Host your own fundraising event for A-Team Fun Walk For Autism!

Are you holding an event to raise funds either individually or for your team for this year's A-Team Fun Walk for Autism?  Let us know and we will post the pertinent information here for fellow participants to support your efforts!  

Want to support other teams?  Check back here often and support your fellow A-Team Fun Walk for Autism participants' fundraising efforts!  It's a great way to network and meet new friends while supporting an important cause. 

If you are planning an event in support of Autism Society of Southeastern Wisconsin please let us know!  We're happy to support your efforts in any way we can.  One way we can do that is to help get the word out. There are several other ways we may be able to help depending upon what you are planning. 

Contact Sue to get things started!


Fundraisers Benefiting Teams or Autism Society SE WI (present & past)

Check back here soon for some fun events!

Easy To Use Donation Form

It is easy to collect donations from friends, family and at your workplace. 

ASSEW Donation Sheets 2022 FINAL-01.jpg

Donation Jar Sign

Print these and place with donation jars. Put them around your office, school or place of business. Spare change adds up to big support for the Autism Society SE WI Programs and Services!



Congratulations 2022 VIP Teams!

Captains of teams raising over $5000 will receive one (1) Preferred Parking Pass in the VIP parking lot.

Save The Date Cards

Print and send these Avery 8315 Save The Date Cards to your teammates or anyone you want to invite to join you for the big day! A personal, handwritten note is so special.


2022Avery8315SaveTheDate OUTLINED FINAL-01.jpg

Your Support Made A Difference Notecards

These Avery 8315 Your Support Made A Difference Notecards can be printed and used for anyone who donates to your team, fundraising page or comes to the big day. Print them and use them to make a difference in brightening the day of someone who cares about the cause!


2022A Team Avery8315 Thank you NoteCards OUTLINED FINAL-01.jpg