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Hi, my name is Britt and I work at ASK. I am grateful to be part of such an amazing organization.

ASK exists to improve the quality of life for children with cancer and to support their families in the challenges they face. I've created this team to help raise support for the brave kids and families that inspire OUR COMMUNITY everyday. 

Here's what I've learned from my time at ASK, and why I hope others will either join me or donate -- 

● Every child’s life is precious.

● Every child going through a life-threatening fight needs a strong community of support to hold their hand and be part of the care-giving team.

● When a child is diagnosed with cancer, the entire family is in need support regardless of socioeconomic status.

● The loss of a child is an overwhelming sorrow, and families bereaved by the death of a child need ongoing care and support.

● Being a local organization founded by parents over 40 years ago, ASK understands and makes every attempt to tailor its services and programs to meet the family's unique needs.

We are so lucky to have ASK in OUR COMMUNITY taking care of children and families during their hardest days and helping them to celebrate the good days.





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