Bark in the Park 5K and Fall Fundraiser   ○   Wiggle Butt

Michele Pierce

October 23, 2021 9:00am - 3:00pm

Michele Pierce, Team Wiggle Butt

Join Team Wiggle Butt To Make A Difference

Gunner and the Pierce family invite you to join team Wiggle Butt to help raise funds for a Woof-While cause, Providence Animal Center (PAC).

Who is Gunner you ask?  Gunner, aka Mr. Wiggle Butt, is a PAC Alumni, just like his feline sister Tango.  The Pierce's are Gunner and Tango's family.

What is Providence Animal Center?  PAC is a non-profit, charitable lifesaving center who's work is supported entirely by private donations.  PAC holds a special place in our hearts because so far they have provided us with the unconditional love of three fantastic companions.  Currently our family is complete, yet we still go to PAC to love the cats and walk/play with the dogs. 

Why participate in Bark In The Park?  We participate in Bark In The Park because we support PAC's Mission of Lifesaving, Adoption, Wellness, Community and the critical importance of the human-animal bond.  Then the added bonus of seeing how many alum and their owners show up and how fancy some furry friends can get dressed for a walk/run in the park! 

Please Join Us For This Woof-While Cause!

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