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CMT is not incurable, it's underfunded. We have to change that now.

CMT is a disease that currently has no available treatments. The CMT Research Foundation has one goal: develop treatments and cures for CMT within our lifetime. It is the only CMT non-profit 100% focused on research and treatment discovery.  Please consider donating to help advance the research and be a part of creating a world in which CMT no longer affects so many. 

My son Jaden has CMT Type 1E, a rare form of CMT that affects his peripheral nervous system. The peripheral nerves send signals throughout the body, but in Jaden’s case, those signals are weak.  The nerve signals get weaker as they travel further to the legs, hands and feet. Without strong nerve signals, the muscles cannot operate well, and they also become weak.  This has caused Jaden to have mobility issues. He wears special leg braces to help him walk. In addition, he has had spinal fusion surgery and four foot surgeries to address the impacts of his disease. It is a progressive disease, but there is hope. 

The science to treat and eventually cure CMT exists. With time, effort and commitment, effective treatments and cures can and will be brought to market to help people like Jaden. The mission of the CMT Research Foundation is to fund and accelerate the science to bring these treatments to patients. In just two years, the CMT Research Foundation has funded or is discussions for funding nearly two dozen important scientific projects to bring treatments to market.  Several projects already are showing great promise.   

I am a member of the Board of Directors of the CMT Research Foundation, and I am proud of the work we do and the successes we already have achieved. With your financial support, the CMT Research Foundation can continue to take strides towards effective treatments for Jaden and many other people suffering with CMT. 

Please join me in giving a generous donation this year to the CMT Research Foundation.  As a further incentive, I will match the first $2,500 in donations dollar-for-dollar.  Please click the “Donate” button and give what you can.  

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