The Match

Give with the Heart of a Cougar on CSUSM Giving Day and your donation can have an even greater impact with $89,500 in dollar-for-dollar matches and $17,500 in challenge awards.

Jack is back!

Foundation Board director Jack Raymond invites you to join him in supporting the CSUSM cause closest to your heart with a dollar-for-dollar match. Every gift, up to $1,000, will be matched until we meet his $50,000 commitment.

But wait, there’s more.

This year, 12 lead donors have stepped up to join Jack with fund-specific dollar-for-dollar matches. These frontline matches bring our total match fund to $89,500. Follow the excitement and get updates on CSUSM’s official social media accounts.

Update: The Challenge Is On!

Jack Raymond's generous $50,000 match has been met. But he has a challenge for us.

If we reach 2,000 gifts (about 600 more donations before midnight), he will award five $2,000 Golden Challenges to randomly selected non-athletic funds.

He is also challenging Athletics to collectively raise $50,000, excluding matches and challenges, to receive a bonus $10,000 Golden Challenge.

There is still time. We need your help. Spread the word. Every donation of any size brings us closer to reaching Jack’s Golden Challenge.

Some frontline dollar-for-dollar matches are still available


Frontline Matches



Matching Donor

Academic Success Scholarships $2,500 David Wilson
ACE Scholars Services $1,000 Jim Konrath
Alliance $3,000 North County Women in Networking
Athletics: Men's Basketball $6,000 Carleen Kreider, Dick Lansing, Tony Jackson
Athletics: Women's Basketball $3,500 Carleen Kreider and Dick Lansing
Cross-Cultural Center $1,500 Floyd and Kathy Lai
Entrepreneurship $5,000 Emilie Hersh
Library $5,000 Tom and Carolyn McGurn
LGBTQA Pride Center $2,500 Nathaniel Keifer-Wheals
Mindful CSUSM $1,000 Jennifer Jeffries
Osher $5,000 Jack Cumming
President's Innovation Fund $5,000 President Ellen Neufeldt
Veterans Center $2,500 Maj. Gen. Tony Jackson