Join me and make a difference for lost, orphaned, injured and abandoned animals in our community.

I am choosing to raise funds to support the Guelph Humane Society and make a difference

Hello fellow Donors,

Today my father saw a service dog which was a tiny black lab. I like service dogs because they provide comfort and help for those who need it. Before I wrote this, I watched the little hummingbird story. In the story a distinctive little hummingbird tried to make a difference to a forest fire. The fire was raging yet the hummingbird took a petite drop of water and plopped it on top of the fire. She continued to do this and when the other creatures asked what she was thinking she simply said, "I am doing what I can". I really like the moral of this story because I can relate to this. I might not make a huge difference in this world, but I am doing what I can.


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  • Bruce and Brenda Disher Way to go Morgan! April 2023 $25.00
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  • Kristen Senyshyn April 2023 $50.00
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