Explore-a-thon Scavenger Hunt

Just like fireworks, we're ending Explore-a-thon with a bang and extending it through the 4th of July! In addition to our ongoing competitions, we have a fun pop-up challenge for you: a scavenger hunt in the watershed!

Here's how it works

Scavenger hunt activities

1.  Go to a land trust property 

2.  Enjoy a beverage at a local brewery

3.  Find a waterfall

4.  Visit the Housatonic Heritage African-American heritage trail

5.  Go to your local farm or farmer's market.

6.  Take a selfie with the Housatonic River

7.  Find a new plant you didn't know about before (there is probably one in your yard!)

8.  Visit a historical or cultural site (monument, museum, historical house, etc.).

9.  Spot local wildlife like a bird (Use apps like Merlin Bird ID or Ebird!), fish, deer, salamander, etc.

10. Explore a new spot in the watershed you haven't been before (this can be anything: a trail, preserve, stream, local business  or restaurant, etc.)

If you post about your adventures, don't forget to tag us @hvatodayand use the hashtag #hvaexplore. 

Good luck and happy exploring!