2022 Mr. Central Florida

Brant Masters, Southern Homes

October 29, 2022 5:00pm - 9:00pm

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What an honor it is to be a contestant in Mr. Central Florida 2022.  I’m incredibly excited to be included in the event's 10th Anniversary. 

I am excited to participate in this event because of my friends. You see, I spend much of my time hanging out with my special-needs friends. 

This started with Buddy Ball (a league for kids with special needs), then Young Life’s Capernaum program. These programs have given me lifelong friendships. The biggest thing I have learned from my friends is that communicating cannot be taken for granted. 

When I had the chance to work with the Central Florida Speech and Hearing Center – there was no hesitation. My friends with special needs range from nonverbal to hearing impaired, most of which, have received treatment from the Center. 

Everybody has a desire to be heard. Central Florida Speech and Hearing Center provides support and treatment for so many to have the chance to communicate and be heard by loved ones. 

If you don’t cast your vote for me, please cast your vote for one of the other contestants. As great as it would be to be named Mr. Central Florida, it would be even better to hear that because of this event we could reach the 154 kids on the waitlist to receive treatment.

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