Making Mental Health Services Accessible to All

Each year, hundreds of people meditate together to make mindfulness-based mental health programs accessible to individuals and communities in need.

The Community Program at the Centre for Mindfulness Studies

The money raised from the Mindfulness Challenge will be going to our Community Program at the Centre, and most significantly to our Bursary Program. The Bursary Program allows individuals who are facing financial or systemic barriers to accessing mental health care, to take one of our 8-week mindfulness-based programs for no cost or a significantly lower pay what you can fee.

In our Community Program, we have worked with over 200 social services agencies, community-based organizations, and healthcare partners to develop and train their frontline staff to deliver mindfulness programs tailored to at-risk and underserved communities, such as youth in our Grow Mindfulness for Youth Project. We offer free tailored mindfulness programs to communities in need, such as healthcare and frontline workers through our CARE Program

To learn more about our Community Program Impact over the last 10 years, see our 10th Anniversary Impact Report here

Voices from our Community Program:

"I absolutely loved the program. After just two months, I felt big improvements in my anxiety levels and my perspective around difficult emotions. I'm very grateful because I was on a scholarship and couldn't pay for it otherwise. This course changes lives. Thank you!"

- MBCT Bursary Participant

"Within the first week or two, I saw the things I learned naturally integrating into my life. The tools I learned have made a huge impact on my relationship with anxiety."

- Youth Participant, Grow Mindfulness for Youth Project

"The teachings have made me cope with such an increased state of stress and anxiety throughout this pandemic. It has made me appreciate what we all have and that there is always light at the end of the tunnel."

- Frontline Worker, CARE Program


Watch the videos below to learn more about the work in our Community Program!

Bursary Program

Grow Mindfulness for Youth Project