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Jenny Litzelman

April 24, 2021

My Personal Fundraising Page

My family & business have been longtime supporters of the Humane Society of Charlotte.  My cat Zen, my Mom's dog Chloe (our page model), and my sister's dog Harley all came from the Humane Society.  All three pets bring ridiculous amouts of joy, laughter, and much needed chaos into our lives.  My family is passionate about animal rescues.  Pets cannot speak for themselves and so they rely on the kindess of humans to care for them.  The Humane Society does wonderful things for the Charlotte community, and their new adoption center is going to help continue their legacy of caring for local homeless pets!

My business has already made a corporate donation seperate from this personal page, but I'll make sure to match any funds raised by friends and family!  

Also - please join my team and walk with me (virtually or in real life)!  I'll be fully vaccinated by then and will take Shay, lover of all people and animals (except my sister's other dog Dozer lol).  The more the merrier!













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  • Merry Maids April 2021 $275.00
  • Anonymous March 2021
  • Kylie Moore Yay for pets! March 2021
  • Anonymous March 2021
  • Anonymous March 2021
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  • Merry Maids April 2021 $275.00
  • Jenny Litzelman March 2021 $50.00
  • Julia Calton We LOVE Humane Society of Charlotte! Thanks for all ya’ll do! March 2021 $25.00
  • Kristie Lovette March 2021 $20.00
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