5.7K Championship Race   ○   Kathie Toth's Troop

Kayleigh Keilty

April 29, 2018 9:00am - May 31, 2018 1:00pm

She does it for her Mama

I have learned a lot of things since June 2017.  Most importantly, I have learned ALS sucks.  It really really sucks. 
I feel helpless everyday as I watch my mom and dad battle the daily struggles of ALS. ALS takes more than your ability to walk, eat, speak, and breath.  It takes your life as you knew it.  Every day presents a new challenge that you did not have the day before.  As a result, I have learned that you cannot put a price on love and support of your friends and family.
But you know what you can put a price on a power wheelchair, a hydraulic lift, breathing assistance, speech devices, and making your home handicap accessible. ALS can cost a family up to $200,000 a year. 
People always ask me what they can do to help and I never know what to say. 
Well for everyone who has ever asked me what you can do to help - I have an answer - you can join our team as we cruise around Baltimore on April 29, 2018 with my mom leading the charge.





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  • Jill Clark June 2018 $100.00
  • Jenn Snyder Kayleigh & TJ, I'm sorry we couldn't be there this weekend--my sister got married on Saturday! I hope you had an amazing time and saw how many people are around you to support you in any way possible. And please know that we're included in the group. If we April 2018
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  • Katie Dorian April 2018 $300.00
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  • Verità. A Bridal Boutique We donate in honor of Kathie Toth and her daughter, Kayleigh who is one of my dearest friends! And also in memory of my Pop-Pop, Bill Gragg. April 2018 $200.00
  • Dawn Hofmann In memory of my Dad, Bill Gragg. His luck number in honor of Kathie Toth - sending love, luck and prayers❤️ April 2018 $123.00
  • Jill Clark June 2018 $100.00
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