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April 29, 2018 9:00am - May 31, 2018 1:00pm

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If you have reached this page, you likely know my mom or me.  If you know my mom, then you know that she is beautiful inside and out. Her smile is infectious.  Her laugh is contagious. She loves her Birds (Orioles, Ravens, and hummingbirds) and her family. And, she can have one, I repeat one, glass of wine or grapefruit crush before she acts a little silly. 
She is also the strongest person I know.  When she was diagnosed and people asked "what can I do?" she responded "You can watch me as I beat this!"
On the other hand, if you made it here because you know me, then you know my mom. Tj often says that we are identical right down to our red noses when we cry and our inability to tell a story in less than 20 minutes without ad nauseum detail. She gave me my heart, my drive, and my passion.
If you know me, you will also know that I hate asking people for money.  But I will do anything to help my mom.  And that's what the Brigance Foundation does - it helps families like mine with the daily emotional, physical, and financial struggles of battling ALS.  So think of your mom and what you would do to give her a little bit of hope and make her life a little bit easier.
Please consider joining our team and donating to this amazing cause. ALS can cost families up to $200,000 a year. Every little bit helps. 
From the bottom of my heart...Thank you.
Love Kathie Toth's Troop self-appointed control freak...I mean Team Captain

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  • Jenn Snyder Kayleigh & TJ, I'm sorry we couldn't be there this weekend--my sister got married on Saturday! I hope you had an amazing time and saw how many people are around you to support you in any way possible. And please know that we're included in the group. If we April 2018
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  • Casey Keilty Kayleigh, Congrats on hitting your goal! I wish I could be there to support in person, but you and your (my) family are in my thoughts and prayers constantly. Love ya sister! Go Mrs. Toth! April 2018 $714.32
  • Natalie & Mark Lambert Kathie, you are amazing! April 2018 $500.00
  • Stephen Toth April 2018 $500.00
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