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My first "experience" with hospice care was many, many years ago while living in AR, when my dad and our family were cared for by a local hospice.  (Yes, hospice care does include caring for and serving both patient and their loved ones!)

It wasn't until I was living in AL that I was once again "experiencing" hospice care; however, this time, it was from the point of view of a volunteer board member for Hospice of Marshall County (now known as Shepherd's Cove Hospice).

While serving on the BOD (12 years), I learned SO much!  But if I had to choose one thing to share about hospice care, it would be that hearing the words, "we can call hospice" doesn't have to feel like a kick in the stomach as it did for me all those years ago while sitting with my parents in the doctor's office.  My hope (and personal goal) is that someday the term hospice care will bring feelings of hope, love, compassion, and personalized care....not fear or dread, but relief instead.

Although no longer on the board, I continue to volunteer for Shepherd's Cove Hospice in whatever capacity they need, as needed.  They truly do have a "job" for everyone, using whatever skills they have, for however much time that person has to give.

I'll always be trying to raise awareness about the hospice and palliative care/services that Shepherd's Cove Hospice provides, but today, I'm volunteering to help raise money during "our" annual Race to Remember.  I hope that you will join me in this endevor by supporting me and helping me reach my personal goal of $500.

Thanks so much and I really do mean that any amount is really appreciated.





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