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The journey began in May 2017 when Dave Anderson the CEO of the Club asked me to run the Trenton Half Marathon. I solicited a friend, RJ Lewis to join me as Co-Chairmen. We established a goal of $1,000,000. Over the last 5 years we have had over 100 participants. Last year (2021) we raised $214,782 from 1009 donors.

To date the total Run for Club Kids event has raised $877,491. We need $122,509 to finalize the goal. The proceeds will be used to fund a program to educate underprivileged children through the College Access Program.

I would very much appreciate your participation in this worthy cause. I plan to run the 5K (age 75) with my grandson Miles (age 9). In addition, my wife, our daughter and our grandsons will take part in the Family Fun Run.

This fundraising event has already added tremendous value for these youngsters. From the start, our slogan has been, “Together, we can make a difference.” We're making it happen.



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  • Martha Davidson 5 days ago $100.00
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  • George Pearson 2 weeks ago $100.00
  • Thomas Sherry 4 weeks ago $5,000.00
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  • Rue Insurance July 2022 $15,000.00
  • Thomas Sherry 4 weeks ago $5,000.00
  • Rhonda Vinson October 2022 $2,500.00
  • Aaron Tellier You're making a difference Bill! Thank you! September 2022 $1,500.00
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