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Hello to all those reading!

I wanted to share some small yet crucial info about the B+ foundation and Salsthon in relation to me and my life. My first Salsthon I participated in was during my Freshman year. Sadly it was shut down due to Covid. Every Salesianum, Padua, and Ursuline student knew how that felt. However, everyone has high hopes this year and things are looking positive. It would be a great way to start of the spring of 2022 in my opinion. 

Turning the page quickly, the B+ foundation couldn't be a greater organization to support. Many people have faced the challenge of seeing a loved one or friend struggle with their battle against cancer. I for one can relate to that group of people. Seeing a few friends and family members go through this pain gives me greater motivation to support this cause. 

Any donation is greatly appreciated. Although, taking the time to read what my page is about is what matters most! I hope everyone stays safe and happy. Wishing you all the best! :)





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  • Shelley Collier March 2022 $50.00
  • Anthony Reilly February 2022 $250.00
  • Anonymous February 2022
  • Anonymous February 2022
  • Anonymous Thank you Blake for all your hard work. February 2022
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  • Anthony Reilly February 2022 $250.00
  • John & Mary Pribish February 2022 $100.00
  • Karen Messick-Atkins February 2022 $75.00
  • Shelley Collier March 2022 $50.00
  • Michelle Brock February 2022 $50.00
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