Your Vote Means the World to ME!! (AND SSK!)

Help me raise money for my SSK Kiddos! This has been a tough year for all of us. But it's also been a tough year for organizations like Sunshine Kids that need fundraisers to keep these amazing kids with Pediatric Cancer smiling! Thank you for your support and I'm wishing you all good things!!

A Graphic Designer Halloween... and SSK Kiddos!

Hi! I'm Jess, a volunteer with the Sunshine Kids!


I never would have imagined how big of a part of my life Sunshine Kids would become, back when I started volunteering with SSK in 2013 and I never thought for a second how big of a part of my heart, these kiddos would become.

I'm not sure if you get an infinite amount of "moments", the ones you know will remember for a lifetime... but so many of mine are included in these photos. In fact. Just selecting these photos brought some tears of happiness to my eyes!!!

Moments of joy and happiness and that pure feeling of just being alive. Moments worth living for. Moments worth fighting for.

And Sunshine Kids creates these beautiful moments. 


While I've always LOVED having art time and fun time with these amazing kiddos, my day job revolves around design as a Graphic Designer.


I wanted to bring that feel to my pumpkinlooza by focusing on halloween text (Typography) and simple halloween graphics (Iconography). 

Thank you for all of the beautiful moments SSK!

And thank you, you amazing human, for your vote, your support and your love!

Namaste! :)






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