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  • Emily Williams Emily Williams
  • Joshua Cleaiz Joshua Cleaiz
  • Shannon Golden Shannon Golden
  • Zoltan Latinovich Zoltan Latinovich
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  • Vickie Kilmer Vickie Kilmer
  • Martha Jameson Martha Jameson
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  • Laura Zottola Laura Zottola
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  • Jenna Blatt Jenna Blatt
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  • Donna Tritschler Donna Tritschler
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  • Gina Veschio Gina Veschio
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  • Joann Huffman Joann Huffman $0.00
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About Strides for CJD

Strides for CJD is an annual walk/run to raise awareness of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD), a rare neurodegenerative disease that has no treatment or cure. Through this event, anyone -- anywhere -- can pay tribute to their loved ones and raise funds for the CJD Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization.

Funds raised support our programs including:

  • Our 24/7 helpline, support groups, conference, and other family programs throughout the year.
  • Research grants to help scientists make important discoveries and bring us closer to a cure.
  • Medical education to help raise awareness and understanding of prion disease.