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Back in the 1990's, Lisa would have run a load of laundry, exercised, made lunch for the kids, showered and dressed and been ready for work when I woke up. She had a professional job that she enjoyed and performed with passion. She had energy, spunk and loved life. We would run a 5 mile loop together. She could swim a mile without being winded or tired. That was around the time she was first diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Lisa's only sibling, Abby, has also struggled with MS for decades. Their father Alfie laso had MS. 

These days Lisa lives the life of a warrior. Everyday is a battle to hold the progression of this horrrific illness at bay. These days, for her to get showered and dressed is no easy achievment. Illnesses such as MS are foreign invaders , and the victims are dragged into a monumental struggle to try to maintain control over their bodies and their lives. Running a marathon is an easy achievement compared to the daily existence of people who suffer under the weight of their deteriorating health.

The research being done to find treatments and prevention for MS are so important for a number of reasons. The care  and expertise offered at the Tisch Ms Center has always been outstanding. The attentiveness and professionalism is crucial for giving those patients that they are in deed in good hands and hope that progress is being made. 

I am honored to be on the taem , helping to raise money to fund ongoing important research in the field. I run for those I love, and I run for those whom i have never met but are in need of support. 






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