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Please help support Joni & Liz as they run the NY marathon to raise money for Team Tisch MS which supports research into identifying the cause of and treating multiple sclerosis.


I was diagnosed with MS in 2017, just a few months after our son was born. This diagnosis shocked me to my core. I had always been an athlete, and was fearful this new diagnosis would change the way I was able to move my body in this world. I ran the NYC marathon in 2009, and didn't think I would ever participate in another race of this distance. 

2019 has been a trying year, having just lost my father to pancreatic cancer this May, I have found a new source of inspiration. My dad was at the finish line in 2009, and was so inspired watching me complete this race he started running himself. 

My Aunt Sarah also struggles with MS. However, she lives with grace and grit. Her love and support has been invaluable to me over the past two years as I've learned to work with living with MS. I'm also running this race for her. 

I certainly run differently than I did before having a baby, and before knowing I had MS. However, I am still running! I believe in the research Tisch is doing, and I have always found inspiration and joy in moving my body, and can't wait to run through NYC again this fall.

Please support us in this endeavor!



When I met Joni she was one of the most athletic people I had known. I was 22 years old at the time and would much rather have been sitting on the couch watching movies. She explained to me that running was for her mental health and was something that was very important to her to keep up with if we were to continue this relationship.  I am not sure why but on one random morning I decided to join her on her scheduled jog and my life was forever changed.  That year I ran my first half marathon in Brooklyn NY and later when we moved to Portland, Oregon I ran my first full marathon. 

12 years later, together we are trying for another marathon in the city we fell in love in.  Except circumstances are different now, no longer do we have 22 year old joints and Joni now the same amazing athlete, carriers an autoimmune disease with her.

I run for Joni and her commitment to fighting this disease.  I run for our son Liam to be inspired to one day challenge himself and do the things that seem scary.  I run for anyone out there that might not feel like they would be able to do something like this. I believe anyone can do anything if they put their minds to it.  





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  • trish king wally and I are so impressed November 2019 $25.00
  • Ruby Hlivko Thank you both for sharing your story and raising awareness for MS. You’re both always so positive and welcoming and lifting up those around you. Can’t wait to follow your race. November 2019
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  • Lori Dawson Joni and Liz, Kathy, Ben and I love you and think you are amazing and inspiring!!! November 2019 $250.00
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