THE VISION OF ECLC is to empower and enable the individuals we serve to achieve their maximum potential and enhance their quality of life.

ECLC stands for offering "Edutimeline-today.jpgcation, Careers & Lifelong Community" to children and adults with special needs, including autism, Down syndrome and other developmental disabilities. ECLC was launched in 1970 as the "Early Childhood Learning Centers of New Jersey" by a group of parents and others to provide early-intervention services to a handful of pre-school children. Today, we serve more adult clients than students and that number increases with each graduating class!

ECLC is a nonprofit organization educating students ages 5–21 with severe learning and/or language disabilities, autism spectrum disorder, Down syndrome or multiple disabilities at two schools.

A separate entity called Community Personnel Services (CPS) provides post-graduate transition services and job placements to any special-needs adult, while another offshoot, the PRIDE program, offers vocational training, independent living skills and more.

Today, ECLC celebrates 50 years of offering "Education, Careers & Lifelong Community" to neatimeline-today-left.jpgrly 900 adults and children with special needs from 11 counties across New Jersey. Former ECLC Trustee Peter Petrou becomes the new executive director, following the retirement of Bruce Litinger. While leaders may change, the organization's dedication and commitment to serving people with special needs remains steadfast.

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