Clarion West Write-a-thon 2021

Nikita Blair

June 7, 2021 12:00am - July 31, 2021 11:59pm

My Write-a-thon Information!

Hello! My name is Nikita and I am a Guyanese journalist and speculative fiction writer. I love writing stories that blend elements of Guyanese and Caribbean history, folklore and culture, and our current technological and environmental trends. I also do monthly reviews for one of my local newspapers, which I also post on my blog. This is my first time participating in Clarion West's Write-a-thon and I am excited to see where this goes!

My Writing Goals

  1. Outline, draft and edit my submission for Fiyah magazine's Love, Death and Androids issue. 
  2. Read and review This One Sky Day/Popisho by Lerone Ross for Read Caribbean and Queeribbean month.
  3. Draft a personal essay follow-up to my review of All Boys Aren't Blue by George M. Johnson. 
  4. Outline and write my short story zero draft for the 2022 Commonwealth Writers Short Story Competition
  5. Have fun and enjoy the process and experience

Writing Sample

Granny was freshly bathed, and had settled on the bed, staring into the low vanity’s mirror as she buttoned up her nightgown. Just as she slipping the last button into its hole, the bulb above her went out with a sharp pop. She had expected to be plunged into partial darkness, expected her room to be illuminated by the wedge of white light streaming in from the living room’s florescent outside. Instead, her room was filled with a flickering orange haze, a haze she remembered from the first few days of the anbaric transition. But she never remembered it flickering. She twisted her body, looked up and gasped. There was a small fire spreading along the coils of the energy saver.

“Oh lawd, oh lawd!” Granny said, her voice getting shriller as panic set in, “Sabrina! Sabrina, fire!” she cried out as she pushed herself off the bed to hobble toward the open door. As soon as her slippered feet touched the carpet, the fire screeched like a Whistling Thunder as it shot along the bulb’s final coil. It blasted into the socket, and Granny wailed with the fire as it surged its way along the wire in the ceiling, then down the wall into the switch by the door. She stared at the switch, watching the fire’s threatening dance around the circuitry as she stood frozen with her calves pressed against the cool wood at the side of the bed.

Writing Progress



  1. Reading and reviewing This One Sky Day by Leone Ross (June 20th - July 1st)
  2. Outlined CW SSP story, completed zero draft (June 20th-27th)

In progress

  1. Outlining follow-up essay to my All Boys Aren't Blue by George M. Johnson
  2. Outlining and researching Love, Death and Robots submission for Fiyah


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