Special Write-a-thon Opportunities and Challenges!

Every year, many of our Write-a-thon participants offer fantastic rewards to their sponsors, from postcard poetry to cat Tuckerizations! It’s always a treat to see what writers offer as incentives.

You can learn about all the amazing offerings from Clarion West writers by browsing through their profiles here or read on. We highlight special offers every week.

All donations to the Write-a-thon support Clarion West and our workshops and outreach events. 

We will be adding these as they come in. Want to let us know you're offering a challenge? Send us the information at writeathon@clarionwest.org. 

Critique/Story Advice from Published Authors

Kathleen Alcalá (CW '87): Make a $100 donation to Clarion West and Kathleen will review the first 15 pages of a Work in Progress! If you are interested in this donation, please put it in the notes field. Learn more about Kathleen and her work here: https://www.kathleenalcala.com/

Receive a Postcard from a Writer!

Emily Skaftun (CW '09): The original postcard offer! All sponsors paying over $25 will receive* a one-of-a-kind postcard story on an actual postcard from an actual foreign country (Iceland, Ireland, Cuba, Norway, or Israel primarily). To read my famous** story postcards, visit ecskaftun.com/postcards-from. These may or may not be cryptid themed.

Receive Original Artwork from a Writer!

Alice Chao: For anyone who donates a minimum of $25 to Alice's page, she'll draw you a custom chibi for personal non-commercial use. 

Alex Morrissey: for donations of $100+ will email you a high-res original digital character sketch; for donations of $500+: will email you a hi-res original digital main-character sketcy of your choice; and for $2,500+ will email you a hi-res galaxy map and add your name in his book, Blackfire's Thank You section! —following Write-a-thon.

Receive Poetry, Flash Fiction, or Story Excerpts from a Writer!

Stewart Baker: For donations of any amount, Stewart wil write you a haiku or other very short poem on a theme of your choice (speculative or not).

Archita Mittra: Archita will write a short poem, vignette, or letter (you get to pick!) for and to every person who sponsors her.

Alex Morrissey: for donations of $50+ will email you a PDF of the posted chapters in his manuscript—following Write-a-thon.

Receive a Book from a Writer!

Alex Morrissey: for donations of $1000+: he will mail you the a copy of Blackfire with a full-color illustration on the cover—following Write-a-thon!