Clarion West Write-a-thon 2021

Cory Skerry

June 7, 2021 12:00am - July 31, 2021 11:59pm

My Write-a-thon Information!

My Writing Goals

I'm in limbo right now, at a new house but unable to unpack most of my stuff yet, and my schedule is kind of borked. So i'm trying to go easy on myself and my addled brain. Let's try: 

  • by the 26th: finish editing this fun, gripping MG novel by a promising author so she can get it published and i can brag about being even marginally involved ;)
  • by the 3rd: write 100 words per weekday (500 total)
  • by the 10th: 200 words (1000)
  • by the 17th: 300 words (1500)
  • by the 24th: 400 words (2000)
  • by the 31st: 500 words (2500)

So by the end of the Write-a-thon, i'll hopefully have 7,500 new words. I don't know what projects they'll be on yet, because that'll be part of keeping it loose. ❥

Edit: Nevermind, i hit all my goals in the first week. Hmm. Well, i'm already over 15k 25k 35k 50k 65k so let's go for:

  • finish at least a rough draft of this supernatural YA mystery starring fictional high school-age versions of me and two of my CW classmates!
  • also finish this short-story-that-turned-into-a-novella
  • also write a zero draft script for this silly videogame i want to make

Writing Sample

From "Greenhouse" (unpublished)

A face peers back at me from under the water. She's pale, with eyes too round to be human. And when she opens her mouth, I feel as if I'm folding in on myself, as if all of my body is trying to hide inside my ribcage, as if that could possibly keep me safe from the forest of glassy splinters that make up the demon's teeth.

Shit,” I whisper, my knuckles white on the oar stems.

What is it?” Melly asks sleepily.

The face turns in a cloud of darkness—hair?—and dives. Its body is mottled like a harbor seal, but it disappears so fast I can't help but wonder if that was merely a trick of the light. Maybe it was a harbor seal, some white-faced variant, and I saw it wrong through the waves.

I don't know,” I say. “I thought I saw something.”

I glance over at Cassel, who absolutely saw something, and who knows I did. He glares, but says nothing. He's been on Melly's side ever since she told us her plan. If we survive, I'm never speaking to him again.

Take a left up here,” he says.

The buildings towering over us feel like skulls with too many eye sockets, the concrete bleached by the sun, their interiors dark. Some of the windows are obscured by curtains of wrack, left there by the tide or perhaps intentionally anchored there. There's no telling what's inside.

I see another pale flash in the water ahead, just before Cassel says, “Go straight through that tunnel.”

It's not really a tunnel—one building pitched over and smashed into another. They're locked in a violent kiss that would be submerged at high tide. We pass into the shadow of the tilted building, with barely enough clearance for our heads. Seaweed dangles from the ceiling in organic stalactites, in some places growing so long so as to touch the sea. One of these soft speleothems drags over my neck and shoulders, like slimy fingers, and I row faster, toward the glow of daylight ahead.

Writing Progress

July 24, 2021: Aaaand finished a rough draft of the short-story-turned-novella! It's complete at 28,503 words. I also wrote the rough script for a silly videogame i want to make, and that's 3007 words. Now i'm back on the AU HS friendfic, which is still really fun--i laugh every time i'm writing it! I'm worried the mystery aspect isn't strong enough, but i can always tweak it later.

I've written 71,275 words total for the Write-a-thon, but some of that is in my "discard" file and won't make it into even the first drafts. ONWARD!

July 12, 2021: I took a break to work on a nebulous idea for a short story that bloomed into 20k of what'll probably be a 30k novella. When i tally it all up, i've now written 45k since the Write-a-thon started! What is even happening?! If you look up at my original goals, this becomes pretty hilarious!

June 30, 2021: I've slowed down, but i passed 25k yesterday--and that's just in the document that doesn't have all my discarded passages. If i stick them together, i just passed 35k! I haven't written something unpublishable on purpose in a long time, haha. It's very fun!

June 21, 2021: I'm not exactly sure what happened, but i started writing an AU HS fanfic about a couple of my friends and i, and just in the last two days i wrote over 5k. (This silly story is just over 13k total.) It turns out making fun of people i love by reducing their myriad qualities into what would make an amusing teenage sleuth is really fun. I may need new Write-a-thon writing goals...

What I Write

My stories also often concern liminality, rare friendships, young people rejecting expectations, flawed parents doing their best, and queer people surviving & thriving. If i didn’t tell you outright there were pirates and witches and shit, i almost sound like an adult. 

Publications List

My bibliography is here (and it contains a list of free-to-read online publications, in case you've got a lunch break or you're bored in the loo)

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