Clarion West Write-a-thon 2021

K.G. Anderson

June 7, 2021 12:00am - July 31, 2021 11:59pm

My Write-a-thon Information

My Writing Goals

During the Write-a-thon I'll be writing three new short stories with the goal of submitting them for publication August 1.

Writing Sample


Deja Flynn trudged up the steps of the Cephalopod Arms, the glowing eyes of the apartment building’s resident gargoyles lighting her way. 

“Another late night at the Spell Shoppe, Deja?” One of them reached over from his downspout to open the door for her. 

Deja, carrying a bag of takeout from the Yen Wor, nodded. “Thanks, Fred.”

Inside her apartment she set the cartons, steaming and fragrant, on the coffee table. Mabel, curled on a blue velvet cushion, lifted her nose and sniffed appreciatively. Mabel might currently inhabit the body of a small black cat, but the witch’s familiar loved Chinese food.

How was your day? Mabel asked as Deja hung up her leather jacket and kicked off her pointy black boots.

"Not so great, sweetie." Deja had just about gotten the hang of her new familiar's telepathy but still tended to answer the cat out loud. "I kind of screwed up--no, I totally screwed up--a Serenity spell. So when they gave the client her bill, she smiled serenely--and sashayed out of the Shoppe without paying. Madame Mocheveska hit the roof when she found out."

Thus we’re dining on Moo Goo Gai Pan tonight instead of the much-anticipated crab cakes?

"Yeah, I know. And if I don't get better at these spells, we could be subsisting on packaged ramen. Madame is hinting that maybe I'm just not cut out to be a freelance witch. I’m...I’m afraid she’s going to fire me."

Writing Progress

What I Write

Short fiction — urban fantasy, space opera, alternate history, Weird West tales, near-future science fiction, poetry, and mystery. 

Publications List

Here are some of my short stories you can read or listen to online. (For a full list of my published fiction, visit

“Captain Carthy’s Bride” at The OverCast (audio)

“Wishbone” at Third Flatiron (audio)

“Unnoticed” at Factor Four Magazine (text)

“Rowboat” at StarShipSofa (audio)

“Escape” at Luna Station Quarterly (text)

“Unraveling” at Far Fetched Fables (audio)

“His Last Victim” at Curious Fictions (text)



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  • Beth Tanner July 2021 $10.00
  • Mark Wood July 2021 $78.00
  • Tom Whitmore July 2021
  • Jeffrey Lemkin Hi Karen - very happy to support you - and CW! - in your WaT goals! Cheers, Jeffrey July 2021 $250.00
  • K.G. Anderson June 2021 $100.00
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  • Jeffrey Lemkin Hi Karen - very happy to support you - and CW! - in your WaT goals! Cheers, Jeffrey July 2021 $250.00
  • K.G. Anderson June 2021 $100.00
  • Mark Wood July 2021 $78.00
  • Beth Tanner July 2021 $10.00
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