Clarion West Write-a-thon 2021

Tara King

June 7, 2021 12:00am - July 31, 2021 11:59pm

Tara is here to put words in order.

My Writing Goals

I'm working to complete my first novel! It's a far future story about a feminist commune and the small town that relies on it. Part SF, part fantasy, part climate fiction. 

I started this book on GitHub in 2017 and have been poking at it off and on ever since. In Fall 2020, I decided to REALLY DO THE THING and get that pile of words into a functional draft. 

As of June 22, I have 38,384 words towards that goal. My goal is to add 7,500 words by midnight on July 31. Round up and we'll say 46,000 is the goal. That's just over half the total planned length of the book! 

Writing Sample

Writing Progress

Goal: 46,000 words ✅ ?

Current Total: 46,392 

Stretch Goal: 48,000

July 20: +556 words; total 46,392. Which mean....I DID IT! I HIT MY GOAL! 

July 19: Added +471 words; feeling like a machine who can crank out (at least) 300 words a day without breaking a sweat.

July 18: Day off! 

July 17: Morning writing session produced +661 new words.

July 16: Day off of work and I put together +1035 words. Four digits!

July 15: It was my birthday, and I added +452 words.

July 14 - Disappointing day but I still added +1406 new words. I'm abandoning the table below and offering these updates instead. 

July 13 - Big day! Biggest day maybe...ever? +3003 words.  Plus I figured out a way to work out of order without losing my focus/organization.

Date Words
June 22 38,384
June 23 39,481
June 24 40,832
June 25 41,150
June 26 42,325
June 27 42,325 - Scenecraft class
June 28 42,376 - Mostly worked on outline
June 29 42376 - day off
June 30 42376 - poem submission day
July 1 42771
July 2 43339
July 3 44103
July 4 44103 - Started beat sheets for the characters
July 5 44103 - REST DAY
July 6 44103 - more beat sheets
July 7 44103 - MORE beat sheets
July 8   44103 - gonna lay off the plotting for a while and get back to writing


What I Write

Generally, I write poems, fiction, zines, games, essays, and pieces for performance.

Right now, I'm focusing on fiction! 

Publications List

My writing has appeared on the Walker Art Center, DASH Literary Journal, Avatar ReviewJersey Devil PressDrupal DiversityPoetry SuperHighwayMad King Thomas’ blog, as well as on stages around Minneapolis and the world.

My zines have found a home at Santa Fe Zine Fest & ABQ Zine Fest

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