Clarion West Write-a-thon 2021

Stephen Schlich

June 7, 2021 12:00am - July 31, 2021 11:59pm

My Write-a-thon Information!

My Writing Goals

I want this old writer to learn some new tricks, starting with producing fiction to a deadline. So:
  - One new short story every week. First draft is okay, outline/treatment is not.


Writing Sample

by Steve Schlich 

Works had existed for some time before he realized it. I think, therefore I must be. He called himself Works because it had once been emblazoned on his canister, and because it represented the greatest milestone in his life. The chrome frame that connected his canister to his runners proclaimed "Electrolux" in indestructible cut-out lettering, but that name belonged to his maker, not him. 

A man at St. Vincent De Paul had named Works in wax pencil long ago, following repairs and a spiff-up in the back room. This destructible lettering was quickly lost, but the impressions left by that gentle being stayed with him. The man loved his job and marked almost all his mechanical patients Works. It seemed appropriate to preserve his memory by taking the label as a name.

Continued here:

...published in Weird Tales, 1994

Writing Progress

WEEK ONE: I completely redid an epic poem that I wrote many years ago: Godzilla's Haiku. Read it here: I nearly finished the short story that I set as my first week goal. I'll have that finished next week, and a head start on the one due after that.

The important milestone achieved: I wrote every day. Every. Day. I haven't done that in years!

WEEK TWO: I finished “Into the Vortex” …loosely based on a visit to Sedona, Arizona. Read it here: I’m glad to trade reviews with anyone interested. 2,000 words.

WEEK THREE: I started a simple essay describing my first psychedelic experience: “My Four-Way Trip” — I took a 4-way hit of psilocybin. But as I began to tell that story, I realized that I had to describe all that led up to it. A lot. So still working on that. S ome exposition some still in notes format.


What I Write

Science Fantasy and Science Fiction. Some horror.

Publications List

Short stories in: Poe’s Lighthouse (anthology), Cricket, Transversions, Weird Tales, Pulphouse (magazine and anthology), Wet Visions (anthology), Rod Serling's Twilight Zone Magazine, Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine.

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