Clarion West Write-a-thon 2021

Livia Elliot

June 7, 2021 12:00am - July 31, 2021 11:59pm

My Write-a-thon Information!

My Writing Goals

Giving that I have a full-time job, I'll keep this simple:

  • Write 500 words per day, at least
  • Expand vocabulary consistently
  • Take part on the weekly theme at least one every other week

Writing Sample

Steps sounded behind him, digging in the snow that coated the ground, but he didn't turn—there was a single being that moved with that cadence, and she wouldn't attack him either. He sighed again, collecting his thoughts at the exact moment a warm hand of slender fingers squeezed his forearm, announcing her arrival. He spun to meet her, elated there was someone to discuss what disconcerted him. 

"You are wrinkling your nose again", she said, sun-like eyes scouting him to find a reason. After a while, Sheng unwillingly scrunched his nose further, and she giggled, amused.

Writing Progress

I'll be working on my novel. It is a low-fantasy duology, with dashes of speculative fiction. It has queer-norm societies, strategic/military components, a speck of romance, politics, and more. And a decent amount of female characters.

Note: Dates are AEST.


Week 1:

  • June 20th: 2795 words written, 2 chapters finished and revised, 1 chapter half-way. I could dedicate the entire afternoon to writing. Let's see how the week fares.
  • June 21st: No words written, but essential research for the next chapter. Will need another 1-2 days of research before tackling that.
  • June 22nd: Couldn't write, too much work.
  • June 23rd: 794 words, of a very difficult and key chapter for the book.
  • June 24th: 1024 words, elaborating on the one I was working on yesterday.
  • June 25th: 384 words, and revised the very long and important chapter. Yay!
  • June 26th: 1991 words done, revised two chapters.


Week 2:

  • June 27th: 2215 words done, but chapters unrevised. Need polishing.
  • June 28th: 56 words written, two chapters revised.
  • June 29th: 465 words written, three chapters revised and polished.
  • June 30th: 539 words written. One chapter revised.
  • July 1st: 299 words.
  • July 2nd: Couldn't write; too much work.
  • July 3rd: 2451 words. Four old chapters revised for consistency.


Week 3:

  • July 4th: 3575 words. Three chapters revised.
  • July 5th: 510 words. Added some changes in previous chapters as well.
  • July 6th: 216 words, but I revised and submitted a short story to a magazine!
  • July 7th: 1910 words.
  • July 8th: 213 words.
  • July 10th: 2066 words.


Week 4:

  • July 11th: 4207 words, two chapters revised. Almost done with the first part of my book.
  • July 12th: no new words, but I revised about 10k words. I'm happy with that!
  • July 13th: 250 words, and a friendly discussion with an alpha reader!
  • July 15th: 813 words.
  • July 17th: 1671 words, and two chapters revised.


Week 5:

  • July 18th: 4700 words, two chapters fully revised. I'm now working on the last chapter of the first part of the book.
  • July 19th: 1913 words, and I revised a chapter. I finished Part 1, so I will take the next few days to revise the plot I had drafted for the second part. Yay!
  • July 20th: 866 words, revised two chapters. Finished all chapters of Part I!
  • July 21st: Reviewed and organised the plot and chapter structure for Part II.
  • July 22nd: 1033 words, and a chapter reviewed!
  • July 23rd: 873 words.
  • July 24th: 1117 words, and a chapter reviewed.


Week 6:

  • July 25th: 3444 words, two chapters revised.
  • July 26th: 1123 words! On a weekday!!
  • July 27th: 645 words + long chapter reviewed
  • July 28th: 1750 words.
  • July 29th: 950 words, a chapter revised.
  • July 30th: 979 words!


What I Write

Novel-sized fantasy and science fiction, with a bit of historial grounds


Publications List

I started writing very young, but that material is nowhere near share-able. I kept writing as a teenager and had a blog where I posted weekly chapters. However, I had to stop soon before graduating from college, and I restarted in 2019.

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