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Recent Activity

Once More Unto the Breach!

NY Shakespeare Exchange depends on our community to help create work like our
one-of-a-kind The Sonnet Project, our stimulating mainstage productions, and our community-building INTERSECTIONS initiative. Now, as we head into our tenth thrilling year, we are reaching out to you so that we can continue to bridge cultural divides and inspire important conversations both in NYC and around the world.



Quite simply, NYSX is growing and to do that functionally, we need to raise $50,000 during this campaign. You can be a part of our success. With your support we are able to continue to fulfill our mission by producing innovative, engaging, community-building work that bridges artistic, political, social, and economic divides. This year we are continuing not only our global expansion of The Sonnet Project, but also our INTERSECTIONS community outreach and education program. 



Just about everyone agrees that Shakespeare's stories are great. But his plays and poetry also have the power to bring people together, and to explore and develop the human capacity for love, empathy, compassion, desire, and learning. Indeed, for four centuries, audiences all over the world have used Shakespeare’s work to make sense of the world around them. Now, as we seem to reach new depths of division and chaos, we need your support to create strong and diverse work to bridge those divides and bring people together.



Begun as a work/life balance initiative to give creative employees an opportunity to use their talents and provide unexpected workplace entertainment open to all, in nine years New York Shakespeare Exchange has reached over 100,000 audience members and engaged with more 1,000 artists with 8 full stage productions, over 130 short film interpretations of Shakespeare’s sonnets, and countless workshops, staged readings, and performative pub crawls.



Led by Artistic Director and Founder Ross Williams and Executive Director Charles “Chaz” Graytok, and governed by a strong Board of Directors and tireless Momentum Council, New York Shakespeare Exchange is a diverse, talented group comprised of corporate leaders, playwrights, actors, directors, designers, and educators. The NYSX team comes together around a mutual admiration for the arts and the Bard, and a shared passion for bringing diverse groups of people together.