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Brittany Fagone

Jett’s Troop ?

Thank you for visiting our fundraising page for the 2022 Flutie 5k!  We are running for our son, Jett!

Jett is an almost 4 year old who was diagnosed with level 3 autism in December of 2021.  At first, we were very overwhelmed with the diagnoses and very unsure of what to do.  After a ton of research, phone calls and multiple appointments,  we started to figure out the programs and tools that are best for Jett.  

My husband and I have been lucky enough to have the right people and the resources to get Jett into the programs he needs.  As we have been feeling more confident that he is making progress, we want to give back!  I have talked to several people at The Doug Flutie Jr Foundation and we are so happy to be able to work with them and donate to such an amazing establishment.

Please consider joining or donating to Jett's Troop!  He is the sweetest boy who loves Elvis, skeletons & lolipops.  His laugh will put an instant smile on your face.  Jett's blue eyes seem to get him out of any trouble he gets into and he uses them to be a lady's man.  He's an old soul who loves to dance in the kitchen to Dean Martin and comes running for Elvis.  

Jett loves being outside and will be joining us in his wagon during the 5K with his sisters!  We hope you can join as well

xo Brittany

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